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          On behalf of everyone here at Sustainable Outdoors Co., I would like to welcome you to share our passion for the Canadian Wilderness. Canada is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, diverse ecosystems and natural landscapes that provide us with the experiences of enjoying and exploring one of our country's greatest assets. 

          My name is Jonathan Witt and my twin brother and I (Jordan Witt) started this company to truly make a difference and promote and share our passion and dedication for the outdoors. We love spending every minute we can in the outdoors experiencing new things, spending time with family and friends and truly exploring what we take for granted every day. At Sustainable Outdoors Co. we are a lifestyle brand that is providing quality apparel that reflects a positive impact for our environment.  From every single sale, we will donate a portion of that sale to a different Canadian Conservation Organization each month. Conservation Organizations do amazing work in this country to conserve our wilderness and our passions. From specific habitats, key parcels of land and wildlife Conservation Organizations have the Canadian wilderness covered.  Each conservation organization has specific goals in mind but their goals inadvertently impact every aspect of nature and life. For example, by protecting and enhancing Canada’s wetlands not only does wildlife who depend on these ecosystems thrive, but wetlands are crucial for the filtration of our ground water which we take for granted every single day. All aspects of nature is connected in some way.

          Our passion stems from when Jordan and I were young and our Dad would take us out on the lake every weekend in the summer to go fishing. We would look forward to Saturday and Sunday as that meant we would wake up early with Dad, grab our favourite fishing hats and head outside to pack the boat and attach it to the truck. The journey started towards the lake and we had a sense of nervousness, the kind you get before you are about to embark on an exciting journey. Once we arrived at the lake and helped Dad launch the boat we were excited to head out to our favourite spot and watch the sunrise while our lures hit the water in hopes of feeling that "thump, thump" on the other end of the line. I remember thinking to myself at that very young age of how beautiful a sunrise or sunset was. The amazing colours in the sky as the sun rose or set behind the tree line just made me appreciate every day that I could witness this natural beauty.  As we became older and started to learn about environmental issues such as global warming, ecosystem destruction, urban sprawl, deforestation etc. we just always had a feeling within us that there needed to be something we could do in order to do our part to help save and conserve this great planet. That feeling is who we are today and why we wanted to build a lifestyle brand based off our passion for our environment. We still get that excited nervous feeling every single time we head out into the woods, onto the lake, marsh or pond and experience the wilderness and life wake up around us.

          We can credit our Entrepreneurial spirit to our Mom who has run a successful business for the past 18 years.  Our Mom is a valuable role model to Jordan and I as her kind nature is what really allows her to connect with every person. It’s her outgoing attitude and social skills that have allowed her to build the business she wanted. We take lessons away from her constantly and we will continue to do so on our own venture as we do something amazing for this country and planet!

           We are avid outdoorsman who are conservationists and respect greatly what this vast and amazing country has gifted us with. Conservation is important because it allows our society to take action to preserve, protect, restore Canada’s natural environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation and wildlife. This is crucial in order to continue to enjoy our favourite outdoor activities.  Our brand is for every outdoorsman/outdoorswoman and children who love to fish, hunt, hike, kayak, camp, canoe, etc. and want to see a difference be made in this world in order to keep our past times and heritage thriving for centuries to come.

            Please feel free to contact us to inquire about any questions you may have.  We would love to hear from you and pride ourselves on a strong customer service focused brand.

Yours in sustainability,

Jonathan and Jordan Witt



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