What Our First Donation Means to SOC


             We are extremely humble and grateful here at Sustainable Outdoors Co. to complete our first major conservation donation since our business launch! We are so excited to have received such positive feedback from our customers and this truly is the start of something amazing for not only Jordan and I, but for all of our customers as we reach towards our common goal of achieving a more environmentally sustainable future in Canada.


            We started this business based on our passion and love for the outdoors and outdoor lifestyle. Jordan and I were introduced to the outdoors at a young age and growing up with the influence of nature is something that we can’t ever thank our parents enough for. Our environment is in such a crucial state in today’s world and that is why Jordan and I wanted to start a business that had a focus on providing more funds to amazing conservation organizations in Canada so that they can continue to preserve, conserve, protect and manage our environment and natural resources. For us, that isn’t all. Jordan and I take pride to volunteer at our local conservation chapters and participate in work days to help with the ground work of these organizations. We also assist with our organizations during any of their contests and promotions by offering our gear as prizes. Jordan and I will stop at nothing to make sure that Sustainable Outdoors Co. sticks to our roots during this journey.


            So what does our first major donation mean to us? It means absolutely everything to us and our environment in which we all enjoy. Our donation to WWF-Canada will aid in the continuation of their conservation projects across Canada. WWF-Canada does phenomenal work when it comes to conservation, sustainability and climate change. They also take proactive actions to protect species at risk of becoming extinct in Canada. We hope that our contribution helps make a difference for their projects. We are happily donating $101 from the sales of our products thus far and strive to make higher amounts in the future!


            When I say “our” donation I don’t just mean Jordan and I. I mean “our” as every single customer that purchased one of our products recently because we are all under the umbrella of making a difference in Canadian Conservation. Thank you all for the support and fantastic feedback! We look forward to the future and making another great donation over the next month or so to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society! Check out our “Conservation Breakdown” page to find out more about the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society:


Yours in sustainability,


Jonathan and Jordan Witt

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