What's Behind 'Sustain The Wild'?

I decided to write a blog post about what our 'Sustain The Wild' tagline is all about.

First off, it stems for our passion for the Canadian wilderness and how much we truly care about contributing to conservation initiatives and projects across Canada. Our goal to provide further financial assistance to conservation organizations that are in the trenches doing the groundwork to conserve, preserve and enhance our natural resources and environment. Conservation is seen as the preservation, restoration and protection of the natural environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation and wildlife. Conservation is also a key component to the overall health of the planet. Conservation aids in mitigating climate change effects and helps ensure we have clean, fresh water to drink and clean air to breathe. 

Our NEW 'Sustain The Wild' design tee came from the inspiration of our passion listed above about the great outdoors.🌲

The print design is intended to look like water running over the logo and letters to represent Canada's diversity in lakes, rivers, wetlands and oceans from coast to coast.

Sustaining Canada's wilderness through conservation is exactly what Sustainable Outdoors Co. is aspiring for. By sustaining the wilderness we not only will continue to pass on our traditions and roots to the next generations but we also aid in major environmental issues listed above in in this blog.

Be a part of the difference and contribute to conservation in Canada! SOC 'Sustain The Wild' tees are available in multiple colours and for men and women! $22 with a $2 donation off of every tee sold to conservation! #Sustainthewild


Yours in sustainability,


Jonathan & Jordan Witt

Sustainable Outdoors Co.

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