Conservation Breakdown

From every item you purchase, Sustainable Outdoors Co. will donate a portion to a reputable Canadian Conservation Organization. We will be donating to a different organization often so be sure to check our social media channels to see how your purchases at Sustainable Outdoors Co. have made a difference.


Organizations we continue to work with:

  • Wildlife Habitat Canada
  • Trout Unlimited Canada
  • Nature Canada
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society 
  • World Wildlife Fund - Canada

Other initiatives completed by SOC:

  • Donations to local Ducks Unlimited Canada chapter gala fundraiser dinners
  • Donations to local Canadian Wild Turkey Federation gala fundraiser dinners
  • Donations to Nature Canada photo contest 
  • Volunteer at local Trout Unlimited Canada chapter to aid in creek restoration efforts 
  • Being a voice for conservation and educating individuals on the importance of 

 Here's how it all works: 

  • Tees---> $2 Donated
  • Hats---> $2 Donated
  • Polos--->$2 Donated
  • Long Sleeve Tees---> $3 Donated
  • Baseball Tees --->$3 Donated
  • Crewneck Sweaters---> $3 Donated
  • Pants--->$3 Donated
  • Hoodies---> $4 Donated


 *Example: If you purchase a t-shirt ($2 donation) and a hoodie ($4 donation) then $6 will be donated to a reputable Canadian Conservation Organization.


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