Our Story

What we do:

Our story is based on a passion for the Canadian wilderness and all it has to offer. The feeling of being out in the wilderness and watching the sun rise or set in this amazing country is one that never gets old. We are two individuals who love to spend every moment in the wilderness and equally share a passion to protect what we enjoy most.

Our brand is based on protecting Canada's greatest asset, the environment. Our apparel line is designed for the outdoor enthusiast, an individual who loves to spend time in the Canadian outdoors. Whether it be fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sitting around the bonfire or anything outdoors related.

Our main goal is to help sustain the environment through conservation measures. That's why when you purchase any of our products, we are donating a portion (please see conservation breakdown page for more information) to a different Canadian Conservation Organization featured every 1-2 months. We want to sustain our environment so that every generation has the chance to experience and enjoy a passion for nature. Conservation is a crucial aspect to protecting, preserving and enhancing our environment in order to not only support critical ecosystems and wildlife habitat but also sustain life and allow individuals to enjoy the hobbies and passions they enjoy most in life. We invite you to follow our social media accounts to view how your purchases at Sustainable Outdoors Co. have made a difference in the Canadian wilderness.







About the owners:


President and co-founder


I am a passionate outdoorsman who loves to spend my time outdoors. I have always had a passion for the Canadian wilderness and enjoy every second I am able to spend in it. Observing a wild animal in its natural landscape, being a part of nature and viewing the beauty of our country first hand is a rewarding feeling every time I step into the woods or head out onto the lake. The idea to launch a business based on social values came to me in my final year of post-secondary education where I began the process of thinking critically about all of the elements I would need to make this inspiration come to life. I am overly passionate about this venture and the goal of this business is to truly make a difference from a conservation standpoint in this amazing country. We need to be more aware and proactive to help protect Canada's crucial habitats and ecosystems. Conservation Organizations do a phenomenal job in this country, but their biggest barrier to doing more is funding. This is where Sustainable Outdoors Co. comes in to assist with proceeds from every sale supporting conservation. 




I have been an outdoorsman ever since our Dad taught us how to fish at a young age. Our Father has a true passion for fishing and he exposed us to the wonders of the great outdoors. Spending time in the natural environment is one of the most rewarding past times there is, especially in a country like Canada where the outdoor adventures are endless. It was this outdoor passion that I was taught and enjoyed that led me to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours Geography focusing on environmental studies and physical geography. The science behind how the Earth functions and how interconnected all aspects of the environment are is truly remarkable. I have also earned a Masters Degree in Environment and Sustainability at the University of Western Ontario. When Jonathan approached me regarding this venture idea I thought to myself, what an absolutely brilliant idea and what a way to apply what I am passionate about as well as the knowledge I learned in university to the real world and make a difference. Canada is home to critical and breath taking ecosystems that need our help in order to sustain them for future enjoyment. Help us make a difference in the country we all love and the environment we all enjoy and take advantage of.