Why SOC?

What are the key benefits of choosing Sustainable Outdoors Co. over other clothing lines you may ask? It's simple really. When you purchase an item from Sustainable Outdoors Co., you are not only receiving a quality garment that you can wear during all your outdoor activities, you are also supporting a company that is working towards making a positive difference socially and of course, environmentally. When you choose Sustainable Outdoors Co. you too are being apart of the environmental movement to help conserve the activities and wilderness we all enjoy/depend on.

Mission Statement:

To provide Canadians with a way to support conservation efforts while at the same time enjoying quality apparel. 

Vision Statement: 

To be a leader in the social movement towards sustaining the environment and our future. 

Why is it Important?

Canada is home to a vast array of landscapes from mountainous ecosystems, coastal plains to Arctic tundra. Canada is a unique country that attains numerous unique ecosystems and has some of the best outdoor adventure activities and scenic landscapes there is. With the threat of ecological destruction through climatic change, over development/urban sprawl and pollution, Canada's landscape and the outdoor activities we all love and enjoy are being threatened. Wetlands, forests, lakes, coast lines and plant/animal species are all in danger of large change that is currently taking place. The time to sustain the environment against change and to allow it the chance to mitigate and adapt to change is now. Sustainable Outdoors Co. recognizes that the environment is crucial for not only human activity, but for our own very existence. We acknowledge that conservation programs around this great country work hard to save key parcels of land and produce management plans in order to help sustain watersheds, wildlife/plant species and sensitive ecosystems in which we all require and benefit from. We ask you, an avid outdoors person or an individual who enjoys the fresh air or the scenic views of the natural environment, to help us make a difference in the country and the world we all necessitate.

Each item sold contributes to conservation and is created per order. Generally orders take about 10-14 days to arrive or sooner.